Sundarban tour from Shyam nagar of Satkhira for 3 days 4 Nights
around Katka – Heron point – Dobeki and Kolaganchi

Price per person based Ac bus @ 12,500 from Dhaka. ( 3 D / 4 N)

Sundarban trip to the Heronpoint and Katka Dhaka-Satkhira-Sundarban-Dhaka (3 Days/ 4Nights) Sundarban world largest mangrove forest and top one travel destination of Bangladesh run the trip based package tours and only accessible by boat from Khulna, Mongla and Munshiganj of Satkhira.

Chattogram to Sundarban 3 Nights 4 days MV BARO AULIA

MV Baro Awlia set to ply the Chittagong-Sandwip-Hatiya-Khulna route has been overhauled to its former beauty.

The ship with the speed of 12 nautical miles per hour was imported from China in 2002 at around Tk 45 crore. It can carry 850 passengers and goods worth 880 tonnes.

Ticket Fare/Price:

1st Class: 20000 Taka,
2nd Class: 18000 Taka,
Chair: 16000 Taka

Mongla to Sundarban Cruise Tour WITH NON AC VESSEL

(Mongla – Sundarban – Mongla)

Tour Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights
Location: Mongla, Bangladesh
Tour Attractions: Wildlife tour to the Sundarban Mangrove Forest
Best time to go: October – March
Tour Available: Year Round   Our Sundarbans tour will take you deep inside the forest on a small houseboat, to experience this magical environment, for three full days. Unlike other tour operators in Bangladesh, we organize this tour with a maximum of 6 participants and take our guests through some exclusive parts of the forest, where the traditional operators with their larger vessels can not go because of the shallowness of the canals. This ensures maximum wildlife spotting opportunities for our guests and provides an exclusive experience away from the regular tourists in the forest.

Price of Sundarban Cruise Tour:
  • 5-6 Person Gruop: 18,000 Per Person
  • 6-10 Person Group: 16,000 Per Person
  • 11-16 Person Group : 14,000 Per Person

Sundarban Tour: unique places you may check with tour operators

Sundarban National Park

Sundarban National park is one of the heritage site in sundarban.Where the land meets to the sea at the southern tip of West Bengal lies the Indian Sunderbans, a areaof impenetrable mangrove forest of great size and bio-diversity. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sunderbans is a vast area covering 4264 square km in India alone. The Indian Sunderbans forms the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India. A paradise for birdwatchers, the list includes such rarities as the Masked Finfoot, Mangrove Pitta and the Mangrove Whistler.

The Sunderbans are a part of the world’s largest delta formed by the mighty rivers Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna. Situated on the lower end of the Gangetic West Bengal, it is also the world’s largest estuarine forest. The Sunderbans is criss-crossed by hundreds of creeks and tributaries. It is one of the most attractive and alluring places remaining on earth, a truly undiscovered paradise for anyone.Sundarban National park is one of the popular visiting place for the visitors.

Kotka Beach

Bangladesh is a wonderful Country in the world. Bangladesh has many tourist spot. All spot are very attractive and well-known. Sundarban is one of them. It is more beautiful place for the Tourist. The largest mangrove forest in the World (140,000 ha). The World famous Royal Bengal Tiger’s homeland and about 400 tigers live in sundarban. About 30,000 wonderful spotted deer live in sundarban. There are many Tourist Spot in Sundarban. Katka is one of Heritage sites in Sunderban. Katka a base for safaris, and well spot to see tigers and for bird-watching. Katka is well known for many rare and majestic wild animals. At Katka, one can see many precious wild animals right from tigers to deer and also varieties of birds and many kinds of monkeys. Here one can hear the natures’ music mixed with the wild fowls in the mornings and evenings.

For those interested in wildlife trekking, the vast expanse of grassy meadows running from Katka to Kachikhali (Tiger Point) is an ideal route. Don’t miss this place if you are an adventurous tourist.


Karmajal is one of the wonderful visiting place in sundarban. To appreciate and to view the most precious species of Bangladesh’s wildlife, thousands of visitors make their way to Karamjol, a ranger station deep in the forest that also serves as a deer-breeding center. Bangladesh has some exquisite wildlife species that are unique to the country, and Karamjol is one of the gateways to the majestic wildlife sanctuary, Sundarban.

Visitors who are interested in catching a glimpse of the breathtaking wildlife of Bangladesh at Karamjol and Sundarban must first gain permission from the Forest Officer before entering the forest, and vaccines against Cholera must be taken before leaving for Karamjol. Other recommended items for the trip include dressing according to the tropical climate, comfortable walking shoes or boots with rubber soles, sufficient drinking water, insect repellent, a medical kit, anti-diarrhea medication and anit-malarial medication is also suggested.

From Karamjol, guided tours of the Sundarban Wildlife Sanctuary can be arranged. In the year 1966, the 38 500 square kilometers of Sundarban was declared a wildlife sanctuary and, therefore, hunting in this area is strictly prohibited and illegal. The preservation and conservation of rare and endangered species, such as the Royal Bengal Tigers, are the primary concern of this national park. Sundarban is proud of the fact that they now have an estimated four hundred Royal Bengal Tigers that live in peace within the sanctuary and the spotted deer population has risen to approximately thirty thousand individuals.

Visitors will be able to feast their eyes on a vast range of mammal, insects, bird species (260 species), reptiles and fish (120 species). Wildlife enthusiast can look forward to viewing Gangetic River Dophins, Salt-Water Crocodiles, deer, wild boar, ducks, sandpipers, moths, monkeys, snakes, foxes and the ever elusive and graceful Royal Bengal Tiger. The tranquility of the dense forests and peaceful waters transports visitors into a magical wildlife kingdom.

Hiron Point

There is number of spot in sundarban. Hiron Point is another tourist spot in Sunderban. It is called the world heritage state. Hiron Point is a graceful spot, great for spotting tigers and other spectacular and rare wildlife animals. Also known as Nilkamal, it is well-known for tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles and many precious birds. Often they are looking out their.

This place attracts many tourists owing to its natural beauty and connate splendor. This is a place to have a look at the rare species of wild animals and birds, to be noted in the diary of bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Every visitors can Enjoy their time by watching this beautiful sinary of the nature.

Dublar Char Island

The Sundarban is one of the biggest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. It is located in Bangladesh. There are many tour place in there. Dublar Char Island is one of them. Dublar Char, a beautiful island known for its picturesque scenes, is famous for fishing and is a place for fishermen with abundant of fish fauna. One can enjoy the fishing here and have a first hand experience of this fun filled activity.The Island has all the natural beauty of any other places of the world renowned Islands. On the eastern side of this island, River Passur flows, while on the western side River Shibsha. In addition, this island is known for its beautiful views.

The Island has all the natural beauty of any of the world distinguished Islands. It is an attractive island where herds of spotted deer are often seen to graze. A casual walk around the Island provides the tourist with the chance of spotting many wild animals. With water all around and with lots of fish fauna, Dublar Char offers unique experience to the enthusiastic visitors.


This spot is located 14km to the east of Katka and belongs to East Wildlife Sanctuary under Sundarban East Forest Division. This spot features dense forests facing the Bay of Bengal. Trails of numerous marine and land creatures are found on the beach. The East Kochikhali Khal and Supati khal are famous as the entrance of Tiger to Kochikhali. Boating along the canals criss-crossing the area provides tourists with the opportunity to spot basking crocodiles, deer, lizards, wild boar and lots of birds. There is also a rest house at Kachikhali.


The Harbaria is a house of Tiger. It is most attractive and dangerous place of Sundarban. It is located beside the river Poshur. It is under Chadpai range of Sundarban. The Sundarbans National Park situated in the Harbaria area. There are famous Royel bengal tiger & Spotted deer as well as many other wild animals and birds inHarbaria. Climate: Full monsoon is from June to September. The annual rainfall average between 65″ and 70″. During ebb tide the forest becomes bare by 6-7 feet and at high tide (30 miles and hour) the entire territory of the forest floats on water. Best Weather for Visit: The winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Bangladesh. How to Reach: From Dhaka to Jessore / Khulna/Bagherhat city via Air or Bus or Train and then to Mongla by bus. Then reach to Sundarbans by boat of or launches. Where to stay: There are also several private hotels and restaurants in Mongla town to stay and have food. But it is also possible to stay in launch at night.


The Sundarbans is a vast forest which is mainly situated in Satkhira district under Khulna division. Sundarbans has some amazing places to visit and Jamtola Sea-beach is one of them. The numerous trees enhance the beauty of this beach. Tourists can also see the natural view of sunrise and sunset, clouds, fogs and the blue sky. There is a tower in Kotka and from this watch tower, it takes half an hour in walking distance to reach Jamtola sea beach.

Mandarbaria Sundarbans:

The mandarbaria sea beach is almost 8 km long and the whole mandarbaria is one of the beautiful place in sundarban area. It is located at the Satkhira district, near haribhanga river.

Sundarban Reserve Forest:

walking is possible and allowed in the reserve forests on a wildlife safari.

Tiger Point Sundarban:

Kachikhali is more often called as tiger point. This place is best for wild tracking.

Tin Kona Island:

Tin Kona Island is categorically very famous for tiger and deer. The island has three corners. to go tin kona Launch or boat is the transportation system. This triangle beautiful Island is one of the The sundarbans Bangladesh.

Dimer Char:

Dimer Char is a tidal flat in Khulna Division. Dimer chor is situated at the east of Badamtala. this Char is incredibly beautiful place in sundarban






The Sundarbans, the world’s largest natural mangrove forest, anticipates an increase in visitor traffic as a result of the newly opened Padma Bridge, which connects the famed tourist destination in the country’s south-western region to the rest of the country. Tourists will now have direct road access to Bagerhat’s Mongla forest and its surrounding areas. To attract more tourist through padma bridge Under the Sundarban Ecotourism Project, new tourism center has built at Andharmanik in the Chandpai range.



Ali Banda

The Sundarbans, the world’s largest natural mangrove forest, anticipates an increase in visitor traffic as a result of the newly opened Padma Bridge, which connects the famed tourist destination in the country’s south-western region to the rest of the country. Tourists will now have direct road access to Bagerhat’s Mongla forest and its surrounding areas. To attract more tourist through padma bridge Under the Sundarban Ecotourism Project, new tourism center has built at Ali Banda in the Sarankhola range,