Tour overview

2 Nights 3 Days Sundarban Package with AC Vessel

Package Prices – 20,000 BDT/Per Person

Sundarban -The Largest Mangrove Forest In The World

Sundarban is the largest contiguous block of mangrove forest in the world. It is a playground of heavenly beauty bestowed by nature.

In Bangladesh tourism, Sundarban play the most vital role.

A large number of foreigners come to Bangladesh every year only to visit this unique mangrove forest. Beside, local tourist also goes to visit Sundarbans every year. It is located on the south-west part along the Bay of Bengal of Bangladesh. The Sundarban is the single mangrove forest in the world. The area of Sundarban is approximately 6017 sq. km.

The exciting events in the Sundarban tour are hiking in the deep forest, country boat cruising, bird watching, night safari and campfires and also staying on vessel at wild jungle atmosphere which will definitely add to your adventure experience.

Tour Spot

  • Harbaria eco tour spot,
  • Katka office,
  • jamtola watch tower,
  • Badamtola seabeach,
  • Hironpoint,
  • Dubla Island
  • Karamjal (mini zoo) Tour Itinerary

DAY # 1.

06.30 am Start journey for Sundarban On Ship
06.30  —  07.00 am Cabin distribution & Refresh
08.00am–08.30am Breakfast On Ship
08.31am-11.00 am Get together
11.01am–11.30am Refreshment Any Snacks
01.30pm–02.30pm Lunch On Ship
02.31pm–05.00pm Visit: Harbaria
05.01pm–05.30pm Refreshment Any Snacks
09.00pm–09.30pm Dinner On Ship
Night stay at kotka forest station On Ship

DAY # 2.

05.30am–08.00am Early morning trip through small creeks and canals by country boat to see the wildlife and feel the forest from very close and so on and also visit Kotka office side.
08.01am- 08.30am Breakfast On Ship
08.30am-10.30pm Visit: jumtota watch tower Kotka Beach and Beach walk, Jungle walk.
10.31pm- Start for Dubla Island On Ship
11.30pm-12.01pm Any Snakes & Visit: Enjoy Dubla Island.
02.00pm-03.30pm After Luance visit Hiron Point
05.00pm-05.30pm Any Snakes Start for Koromjol On Ship
09.00pm-09.30 pm Dinnar
Night stay at Koromjol forest station On Ship

DAY # 3.

08.00am—8.30am Breakfast On Ship
08.31am–11.30am Visit: Enjoy Koromjol Crocodile Planet
11.31am–12.30pm Start for Khulna On Ship
12.31am-01.30 pm Refreshment Any Snacks
01.31pm- 02.30pm Launch On Ship
05.00pm-05.30pm Refreshment Any Snacks
08.00pm-09.00pm Dinner On Ship
09.30 pm End of Journey

 (Above Schedule may be changed by authority for environment situation.)

1st day

Breakfast –  Toast, Jelly, Batter, Egg fry, Sundarban honey.

Morning Snacks – Apple(1p), Banana Biscuits,(Tea Available.)

Lunch – Plain rice,Potato mash,Mixed vegetable,Fish fry,Mutton rezala,Dal, Salad.

Evening Snacks –  Noodles, Sauce ,Salad & (Tea Available)

Dinner   Plain polau, Brinjal fry, Chicken rost, Dal vuna, Salad, Soft Drinks.

2nd day

Breakfast – Buna  khichuri, Egg  mali curry, Brinjal fry, Pickle, Salad.

Morning Snacks –  Orange(1p), Banana, Biscuits (Tea Available.) 

Lunch – Plain rice, Brinjal mash,  Mixed vegetable, Fish fry, Chicken curry, Thick dal , Salad.

Evening Snacks – Flower Chop, Sauce ,Salad &   (Tea Available)

Dinner – Special BBQ Dinner :Special Porota , Chinese  vegetable, Chicken BBQ ,Special Salad,

Soft Drinks.

3rd day

Breakfast – Porota, mixed vegetable, Dal vuna, egg omlet/fry, Sundarban honey, Salad.

Morning Snacks –  Apple(1p) Banana,biscuits, (Tea Available.).

Lunch – Plain rice, Potato mash, Mixed vegetable, Sea Fish fry, Fish curry, Thick dal, Salad.

Evening Snacks– pakura(2Pieces.),  salad, Sauce & (Tea Available)

Dinner – Plain polau, Brinjal fry, Chicken rost , Dal vuna, Salad, Soft Drinks.

Tour Package Includes:

  • First Aid
  • Cruise Inside the deep forest with vessel.
  • Accommodation on vessel on cabin.
  • All Meals during the trip.
  • All activities inside the forest as per itinerary.
  • Small Country boat to make trips inside small canals/creeks.
  • Mineral water for drinking during the trip. Forest Fees & Permission.
  • Two Armed forest guard from the forest department.
  • An accompanied experienced guide during the trip.
  • Tea, Coffee and Mineral water will be available.

Necessary Equipment To Be Carried by Tourists :

  • Our tour season start on winter season, so tourist must
  • Carry warm Jackets/Pullover to protect from cold.
  • Hat / Cap/ Sun-glass , Binocular & Flash Light.
  • Emergency Medicine Sun-Burn Lotion.
  • Snicker Shoes for walking.
  • Camera, Charger, Battery & Films.
  • Toothpaste & Tooth Brush, Towels, Soap & Shampoo.